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    Welcome, to the new Texas Dairy & Ag Review website, “The Dairyman’s Choice in Newspapers” since its inception in February 1992. Currently in our 31st year, the Texas Dairy & Ag Review is mailed free-of-charge to dairies in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Kansas. It is recognized for its excellent content/coverage and has gained tremendous support from its readers, advertisers, and dairymen in these states and additional areas of the United States...
     Our goal has been and will always be---to keep up with all aspects of the dairy & agriculture industry, providing our readers with the most current and accurate news available along with entertaining and enlightening feature stories. We especially like to feature new businesses in the first issue they begin advertising with us. The Texas Dairy & Ag Review is a tabloid-sized newspaper produced and published on a monthly basis in Erath County, Texas.
    We are the only newspaper of its kind that waives a subscription fee and instead offers the opportunity to advertise with us at least once to receive the Texas Dairy & Ag Review for a year. Hopefully, you will become one of our many satisfied customers and will continue to advertise with us for years to come. For more information on advertising rates and color advertising rates, please email us at:, or call 254-965-7819 (office), ask for Sherry Webb, publisher. Rob 
Robinson, 254-431-8323 for Production, Design, & Advertising.
    Dairymen who would like to join our mailing list, please email us with your name, address and phone number or call. Press time for the Texas Dairy & Ag Review occurs within the first week of each month. We distribute copies locally to various business locations in addition to those that are mailed from our list. Deadlines for placing ads vary, but normally occur the third week of each month. We sincerely hope you enjoy our new site,  and will consider becoming a part of our reading and advertising clients.
   Thank you for your
time and consideration.
Sherry Webb,  publisher
Texas Dairy & Ag Review
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